Writing news + goals update

In case you missed it, here’s my one publication for the month:

My War With Rats, The Nervous Breakdown, January 20

Plus, some adorable Frisky readers give me some love.  You like me, you really like me!

In terms of this month’s goals, here’s how I fared.

January Goals

  • Submit to at least two contests – CHECK!
  • Copyedit my memoir and enter the changes – INCOMPLETE but in progress
  • Talk to my friend about memoir cover ideas – CHECK! (briefly)
  • Post one piece to TNB – CHECK!
  • Make my annual check-up appointment – POSTPONED due to insurance issues
  • Make whatever phone calls I have to about my health insurance – CHECK! Got my card in the mail late last week, along with my card for dental. Yay, I’m a real person!
  • Print W2 form – CHECK
  • Work out at least three times a week – CHECK! (for the most part)
  • Blog at least twice a week – CHECK!

I was hoping to make my tax appointment before the month was out, but out of the three 1099 forms I need, I’ve only gotten one so far.

And next month’s goals:

February Goals

  • Blog at least 8 times (ie, at least twice a week)
  • Work out at least 12 times (ie, at least three times a week)
  • Get taxes done
  • Have annual check-up
  • Finishing copyediting memoir; enter changes
  • Email friend PDF of memoir plus details re: cover
  • Submit to at least two publications
  • Make at least one pitch – CHECK! (I was inspired and pitched late last week.)
  • Enter at least one contest
  • Post to TNB at least once

I haven’t included some things, which at this point are automatic or have become a habit.

  • Going to yoga. My body craves it so I make sure to go at least once a week.
  • Reading. I’m an addict now and can’t be without a book.  Just a few years ago, I had fallen out of the habit of reading books and had to set up the goal of at least a book a month.  Now it’s no problem.
  • Saving money. I set up an automatic monthly transfer.  It will be a challenge for a little while, but hopefully I won’t be tempted to transfer money back.
  • Being more social. I haven’t included this in my goals but maybe I should.  Something like, “Go to at least one social activity without MB.”  I have an opportunity next week, which I have been waffling on, but if it’s a “goal,” I might just be OCD enough to do it so I can check it off.

Okay, additional February goal:

  • Go to at least one social activity without MB

And yoga doesn’t count.


  1. Of course they love you, your writing is amazing.
    With that being said…
    Jesus, I’ve heard about hamsters eating their babies but every time I hear/read about it, I feel so queasy. But really? Was the rat on the subway video really necessary? I hovered my mouse over the link for a full five seconds before taking the plunge.
    Honestly though, I made it to the Hoarders section before bailing on that article. Household pests just make me nervous… especially rats. I feel a little sick now…

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