Writing and goals update

In case you missed it, here’s my latest post over at The Nervous Breakdown:

What I Think About When I Should Be Thinking About Nothing During Yoga

If you like it, go make a comment over there.  If you hate it, tell me.  I don’t care, I’m a comment whore!

Now for the monthly goals check-in:

  • Blog at least 8 times – CHECK!
  • Work out at least 12 times – CHECK! The thing is, however, I know I’m not doing enough cardio.  I’ll have to adjust my goals for next month.
  • Get taxes done – CHECK! And I get a nice refund. I thought for sure I’d have to pay since no taxes were taken out of my freelance writing money, but the refund outweighed what I owed.
  • Have annual check-up – Just did this today, technically not February, but who cares. CHECK!
  • Copy edit and enter changes into memoir  – INCOMPLETE! I did finish copyediting it, but will need much of March to enter the changes.
  • Submit to at least one magazine – CHECK!
  • Submit to at least one contest – CHECK! I actually submitted to three.
  • Pitch at least once to a magazine – CHECK!
  • Post to TNB at least once  – CHECK!
  • Go to at least one social activity  – CHECK! Having a drink with co-workers counts right? And actually imbibing alcohol (a hot toddy, which did NOT give me a hangover or headache, though I did get plenty red, as usual).

Two incompletes.  Not bad.

While I’ve been doing well with meeting my writing and TCOB (that’s takin’ care of business, in case you don’t know) goals, I’ve been terrible about my working out enough.  I’ve fallen into the habit of not doing any cardio, except brisk walking, on the weekends, though I manage to do yoga on my own at least once.  It’s mostly because I’d rather hang out with MB than go to the gym.

Going more than twice during the week would be tough since I work three days, and if I were to work out AND make it to work on time, I’d have to get up at five, which I could do when I was going to sleep before 10, but now I stay up later.

Ah well, I’ll have to think of some sort of solution.

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