What I’ve Been Reading: Snarky Six Word Reviews

It’s been forever since I last did one of these, so I thought it was time.  But I’ll omit the books I already wrote about in my year-end review.

Exley, by Brock Clarke. Smart kid. Lost dad. What’s real?

The Little Stranger, by Sarah Waters. Orphans! Thieves!  Twists! Re-twists! Soooo good.

Pictures of You, by Caroline Leavitt. Tragic fate brings lives together. Amazing.

Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood. Discover new things with every reread.

Tipping the Velvet, by Sarah Waters. Now I wanna wear men’s suits.

West of Here, by Jonathan Evison. Epic tale of journeys – outside, in.

The Kiss, by Kathryn Harris. Fascinating yet disturbing. Beautiful ethereal writing.

Of all these books, I’d say you MUST read Pictures of You.  Deceptively a “domestic” tale – about women leaving their families, affairs, divorce, etc. – but also so much more.  And of course anything by Sarah Waters, my new favorite author.  Affinity is on my book shelf, waiting to be read.

Right now I’m reading Drinking Closer to Home, by Jessica Anya Blau, a Nervous Breakdown book club selection.  It is soooo good.  I could read about this crazy family forever.  And the descriptions of food make me want to have that food.  Like this:

“Will you make me cinnamon toast with butter soaked through and an almost hardened layer of cinnamon and sugar?” he asks Alejandro. He’s so lucky to have someone who makes him breakfast, Portia thinks.

I’ve had sugar cinnamon toast for breakfast for the past two days because of this description.

Now that’s good writing.


  1. Oh, I’m inspired to have sugar cinnamon toast tonight too!

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