100 ATRO #80: Seeing a movie by yourself

If you didn’t already know, ATRO stands for Awesome Things Rip-Off because I totally ripped off the idea from this guy.

MB was away this weekend at another conference. While I enjoy *some* alone time, I mostly just him like crazy. While I’d like to think of myself as a fairly independent person, I do sometimes work better when MB’s around.

Case in point. This weekend I needed to work on an entry for an essay contest due this past Wednesday. By Saturday I had barely started it. I mean, I had thought about it a lot but hadn’t actually jotted any words down.

I had good intentions.  I got in an early workout, then grabbed my laptop and headed to one of my favorite cafes in Japantown.  It helped that it was a gorgeous day, making the walk there very nice.

The only problem was I was tired.  I couldn’t sleep the night before so got about five hours.  I tried to write.  I wrote a paragraph.  Well, “wrote” is an exaggeration.  I took an already-written paragraph (from my memoir) and revised it.  I surfed the internet.  I had some tea and an Earl Gray macaroon.

Then I called it quits.  After ONE HOUR.  And went to the movies.  The King’s Speech.  It was awesome, and in more than one way.

While I prefer to see movies with friends, there’s something so peaceful about seeing one by yourself.  You’re quietly sitting there in the dark, totally caught up (hopefully) in a great story.  You’re focused completely on what’s the screen.

What made seeing The King’s Speech extra nice was that the theater was almost empty.  It was a matinee and most people at the theater were there for the Asian American film festival (so I’m a traitor for seeing a “white” movie instead, oh well!).  There was no one sitting next to me, and while the women behind me were slightly annoying, laughing at anything that was even remotely amusing, I still highly enjoyed myself.

And it was certainly better than sitting in a cafe not working.

As for the essay, I *did* finish at the last minute.  Like by midnight on Tuesday (or Wednesday, technically).  Definitely not awesome.

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