More writing news

In addition to the shout-outs I mentioned earlier in the week, I got a lovely review from Wyn over at Everything Is Connected.

Wyn and I have “known” each other for several years. I think I found her blog randomly, and admired how active she was (and is!). From there I saw that she wrote for Metblogs, and looking for someplace to write and that would force me to do activities around the city, I started writing for Metblogs too.

I wrote there from January 2006 through February 2007 (though I’m still listed as an author, weird) before I, well, lost interest. But it was definitely fun and a great experience.

I think Wyn left her Metblog gig around the same time, if not sooner, and I’m glad we’ve stayed in touch ever since.

In other writing news, I’ve published a new piece at The Nervous Breakdown, about the lost things I’ve found on the sidewalk (hmm, that sounded a lot more exciting in my head).

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