Fitness habit check-in

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my last check-in. I was sure it was just one. No wonder working out as a habit this week felt a bit easier.

The third week

That Sunday I wasn’t planning on doing anything, but I ended up doing an hour of yoga. Monday I ran four miles, Tuesday yoga at home, Wednesday I ran four miles, Thursday yoga, Friday 40 minutes on the elliptical, Saturday nothing.

The fourth week

Sunday was painful burpee day. Monday I was so sore, I did nothing. Tuesday I ran a very slow three miles and Wednesday I hit the elliptical for 40 minutes.

Thursday was a work from home day, and I was feeling energetic. I was planning on just yoga at home, but when I came back from picking up groceries that mid-morning, I felt like hitting the gym. When does that happen? Not often, so I took advantage.

I had just enough time to rush down there, do a fast three mile-run, and join yoga class at noon, which I haven’t been to in over a month. And yeah sure, I do yoga at home, but that day it felt like I had never done yoga ever in my life. All my muscles got tired quickly, and the next day my arms and upper back were sore, as well as my hip flexors from the standing knee to chest pose into this one –

(Of course I look nothing like this picture.) How sore? Like I could barely lift my legs to tug on my boots. Like I couldn’t cross my legs while sitting without wincing in pain.

Anyway, I guess I was tired from my running/yoga combo because last night I skipped the gym. I had all my stuff with me, but felt too wiped to go. I don’t feel too guilty about it since I did four cardio sessions, if you include the burpees. I just need to do yoga today.

Plus I’m glad I came home early last night. MB was already home. We went out to dinner, then watched TV (Luther on Netflix, and the premiere of Torchwood: Miracle Day), a perfect Friday night for my lazy ass.

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