Writing update

I’m sure you’ve all been dying for yet another writing update from me, so here it is!

The Frisky. Last week I published a piece in The Frisky called I’m Divorced, Get Over It, which is about how while I understand people’s sympathetic reactions to hearing I’m divorced and the reason why, I get sick of the pity, especially when it’s obvious, at least to me, that I’m in a good place now.

My Tiger Mom and Me. Remember the essay I was working on for that My Tiger Mom and Me contest/anthology? Well it won first place! Yay! The e-book anthology will be available for the Kindle soon.

Word stuff. Here’s my latest wordy post for work, Commonly Confused Words. In a nutshell: nonplussed, ironic, affect and effect, bemusing, and literally. Literally literally!

New York Press. It was announced this week that New York Press would be shutting down. I’m sad to see the paper go, but couldn’t help but laugh at editor-in-chief Jerry Portwood’s 52 Funny Things About the Death of the New York Press, especially number 12:

Susan Shapiro has to launch her own publication, titled “Sue’s News,” to publish all of her students’ first person humiliation essays.

Ha! So true. My very first personal essay, which I wrote in Sue’s class, was published in New York Press, after which a whole slew of my classmates got published too. Then last year I had a second piece published.

Rejections project. To remind you, this month I launched the 12 Months, 60 Rejections project. Last week I submitted an essay to a literary magazine, just under the wire. I thought I could use their online submission manager, but when I checked it at 4 PM, it was already closed for that reading period. Like a madwoman, I threw my essay in a Word doc, formatted it, printed it out, threw it in an envelope, and ran over to the post office, which luckily is one block away and stays open till six (I think). Whew, got it in just in time!

Before the month is out I hope to submit two more short essays. I handwrote a draft of one over the last couple of weeks, and today finally had a chance to type it up and see what kind of shape it was in. It sucks. Glorified blog post. About too many things. Tomorrow I hope to start again with a new angle.

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