Merry Christmas!

Did everyone get what they wanted?

MB and I had a quiet Christmas Eve. I got up fairly early – around 7:30 – and got in a bit of novel writing before hitting the gym. It was pretty crowded. I guess people wanted to get in their workouts before pigging out on Christmas dinner. I ran four miles and did some leg exercises. The day before I did the elliptical for 40 minutes, rowed for 5, then did an hour of yoga at home. Yay for working out two days in a row!

We planned on doing our main Christmas dinner shopping at a small market nearby, but we still needed a couple of things that could only be gotten at Whole Foods. That’s right: Whole Foods on Christmas Eve. Not just Christmas Eve, but Christmas Eve morning on a Saturday. Shouldn’t be too bad, right?

Wrong! It was batshit crazy. I felt like I was grabbing random things (although I was able to get a much-needed bag of coffee beans) and kept getting stuck behind clueless idiots with their shopping carts. Anyway, I was proud of myself for not getting too impatient.

Since Friday ended up being a work from home day (I usually go into the office on those days), I felt like working in a cafe. MB wanted to play guitar in Union Square, so we went our separate ways for a few hours. My favorite cafes are in Japantown, New People and Yakini Q. The only problem with New People is that their internet sucks, but I like to go there when I need to get away from the internet and concentrate on a manuscript. Yesterday I felt like being connected so I went to Yakini.

It was almost empty when I first got there, and managed to snag a good table (ie, near the bathroom). It got pretty busy later but not too bad. I did overhear one Asian douchebag hitting on some Japanese girl with an annoying laugh. “You have a beautiful smile. Japanese girls are so much more polite than American girls.” I guess it would be impolite of me to punch you in the nose.

Late in the afternoon, MB and I stocked up on groceries, then holed up at home for the rest of the evening. There were a lot of people (read: idiots) out and about. You’d think this town would be emptier this time of year! MB made a yummy dinner of fried tilapia, green beans with garlic, and cheesy risotto. Then we I watched The Sound of Music for the billionth time, while MB alternately made fun of it and hid in his studio playing guitar.

Today’s another quiet day. We spoke with my parents who are very busy today with a big mah-jongg party, for which I’m very glad. I hate the idea of just the two of them sitting at home by themselves. MB’s in guitar mode while I hope to complete more of my novel. Then perhaps a walk and a movie.

Finally, just for fun, here’s a gallery of some Christmas type photos I’ve taken over the years, now with more Lightbox!

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  1. Nice and fun pics! It sounds like you had a great X-mas.