100 ATRO #76: Working Between Christmas and New Year’s

If you didn’t already know, ATRO stands for Awesome Things Rip-Off because I totally ripped off the idea from this guy.

For the past week, my workplace has been closed and I’ve been working from home. Sounds great, right? And in some ways it is. I get in some extra hours of sleep and some extra workouts. But at the same time, I kind of wish my office was open.

Even when I had a job I hated, I loved working the week between Christmas and New Year’s. It was a short week, and most people (ie, annoying bosses) were out. That meant I could luxuriate in a quiet office, slacking or working on personal stuff for most of the day. I could hit our company gym for two hours at a time, and have long leisurely lunches. I could run errands with my friend (and former co-worker) YP all over town. And all the while, I was getting paid.

I love my current job and so doubly wish the office was open. While working at home is great some days, it gets boring if I do it every day. And there’s only so long I can sit in a cafe. Going to the office gives me a “break” from my apartment. The peaceful walk in the morning to the train station allows me time to think through my novel or stuff for work, as does the quiet train ride. My co-workers give me some much-needed socializing and comraderie. Otherwise the only people I talk to are MB and various baristas.

So while I’m grateful to have some extra shut-eye (especially this morning after not being able to sleep till after 2 AM [damn you delicious Blue Bottle drip coffee!]), I’m looking forward to heading back into the office next week. Till then, my Japantown “cafe office” will have to do.

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