Writing update

Here’s the latest in what I’ve been doing in terms of writerly stuff.

Wisdom Has a Voice

I guest posted at the Wisdom Has a Voice blog, writing about sharing, or not sharing, my writing with my mother. I wrote my essay (which is about my grandmother who passed away in 2010) for the anthology specifically with the idea that my mother could read it. I’d only write about “good things,” and not air my dirty laundry. Yet air my dirty laundry I did.

For a long time, I put off sending my mother a copy of the book, but I finally did last month. And guess what? She loved my essay. “It made me cry again,” she said, and asked for 10 more copies of the book.

The Books They Gave Me

You may have heard of this awesome site, a collection of stories about the books people have been given by lovers and loved ones. Well, in early 2013, there will be the book, The Books They Gave Me, which includes a little something from me (more details to come after the book is published). They’re still accepting submissions so get a move on!


As always, I’ve been blogging for work. Here’s what I wrote about:

12 Months, 60 Rejections

I just realized I’m nine months into this project and have only done 22 submissions (have nine rejections so far, most of the rest are waiting to hear). Ulp! I’d better get a move on.

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