Birthday Giveaway: My Memoir

April is my birthday month, and this birthday is a big one for me. I won’t reveal what it is except to say that it’s an age Jack Benny didn’t like much either.

To celebrate, I’m giving away e-book copies of my memoir! That’s right, instead of a whole three dollars, my memoir is now a whole no dollars. But it’s only for April so head on over to Lulu and download your copy today.

The e-book is FREE FREE FREE!

And if you insist on having a paperback version in your hot little hands, you can still buy one for just $9.99.

So how else will I be celebrating my birthday? I was talking to a good friend about it yesterday, and we both want to find a happy medium between a destination party in Cabo with 50 of our closest friends, and not leaving the apartment for three days. (I’m leaning towards the latter.)

Luckily for me, my birthday is on a weekday this year (less pressure) so I may switch my work schedule and not go into the office that day. Instead perhaps I’ll get in a krav maga class, get a massage, and make MB take me out for an overpriced Chinese fish dinner. Then I plan on forgetting any of it happened, and remaining Jack Benny-age for a good long time.

Till then, download my memoir! It’ll make my birthday wishes come true.

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