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The Nervous Breakdown

I’m back, baby! After an eight-month hiatus, I finally wrote something for TNB.


Blog, blog, blog! Here’s the word-nerd stuff I’ve been blogging about:


Still working away. Right now I’m revising the present-day sections. I decided that the plot I had set up was too complicated, or at least too boring. At first I ignored the advice from the agent speed dating thing, but then as I was reading over what I’d written, I realized that the sections that occur in the past were much better than the present-day ones, and that the present-day parts were boring as fuck. In a nutshell, I got rid of the fiance and made the main character, Lucy, a quirky alone, someone who’d rather be alone than just date willy-nilly. However, a reason she doesn’t date is she’s afraid she’ll be hurt again, as she was when the love of her life left her.

Anyway, hopefully that’ll work.


I have a big birthday this month – okay, this week – and to ease the pain celebrate, I’m giving away PDFs of my memoir. Just go to Lulu and download it. Should be easy but if you have any trouble, let me know.

On a side note, I just noticed today that the email address attached to my Contact page has been wrong all this time. GAH!!! I doubt anyone contacted me, but if you did, I apologize for never getting back to you.

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