Writing update

More writerly shenanigans! (I know I should think of a new word besides “shenanigans” but it’s so perfect.)

The Beautiful Anthology is now available! Published by TNB Books, the official imprint of The Nervous Breakdown, the anthology includes my essay, “Blemish,” along with fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from 26 amazing writers from The Nervous Breakdown. The book was featured recently in GalleyCat’s Coming Attractions, and has been called “a fresh exploration of everything from body art and big noses to musical ‘perfection’ and misguided parenting.”

Still not convinced? Check out the trailer.

At about 1:19 you can see a lovely picture of me taken by my friend Yiannis. He knows I dislike my freckles (the “blemish” of my piece) but still refrained from photoshopping them out. Good call.


More word nerd blogging! For Bloomsday, which celebrates James Joyce and his novel Ulysses, I wrote about words Joyce coined or popularized, and for George Orwell’s birthday, I wrote about Orwellian words.

Late last week, I acted all journalist-y and wrote a quick roundup of words and terms that pertain to Obamacare, the SCOTUS ruling, and the ongoing healthcare debate.

Work Stew

Remember my Work Stew contest entry that I shamelessly begged asked you to Like? I got 25 Likes, which is pretty good! But still not enough to be a finalist. So I was surprised and delighted to get a tweet telling me I had made the cut. The kind folks at Work Stew ended up picking seven finalists based on number of Likes, and three regardless of Likes, one of which was mine. Thanks Work Stew! Winners announced on July 1.

UPDATE: Winners have been announced! Congrats!

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