Writing Update


My latest writerly shenanigans!


I had fun writing How to Talk Like Jane Austen for Talk Like Jane Austen Day, and people seemed to like it too. First, the always awesome @ElectricLit tweeted it. Then somehow it ended up in the November 1 headlines of The Morning News. Then curator goddess Maria Popova, aka @brainpicker, tweeted it too! The post also made an appearance on the fun site, Yes and Yes, as a November 11 Web Time Wasters.

For Halloween, I wrote about ghostly words, and for Election Day, words on politics and campaigning. For Diwali, I thought it’d be fun to write about English words that are derived from Indian languages,which got a mention in the language blog of The Economist. Nice!

The Beautiful Anthology

Some exciting news here as well! The Beautiful Anthology made the list of The New York Times‘ Best Bathroom Books of 2012! These books “stock the ideal bathroom library,” and the anthology is described as mostly featuring “good writers you’ve never heard of.” Like me!

The day after I posted this update, I learned that The Beautiful Anthology had also been included in the Daily Candy’s Best Books of 2012. Woot! So many great books on that list. I loved The Sleepy Hollow Family Almanac and Where’d You Go Bernadette?, and there are several more that I want to read.

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