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Language and words

To Catch Some Thief Words, January 17
Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking-Glass, and What Words We Found There, January 24

A bit of exciting news: The Week, a news and culture magazine (they own the awesome Mental Floss), will now be featuring some of my Wordnik posts. Check out the ones on thief words and Lewis Carroll words. Right now the Lewis Carroll one is in the top 10 most read (squee!) but that probably won’t last very long.

This also means that the posts will be cross-posted over at Yahoo! News. (Note to self: don’t read the comments on Yahoo! News.)

Submission goals

Earlier this month I asserted that I didn’t want to set any submission goals. But I have anyway.

My goal is the same as I mentioned in that post, 12 for the year, but I’m going about it differently. First, I added it to the $10 deal with MB. If I submit 12 times – meaning 12 different pieces, not just 12 submissions- before I reach $50 in the reverse-bribery pot, I get my money back. (There’s $10 in there now.) To remind you, I have to pay $10 for each week that I don’t work on my writing at least five days or don’t go to krav maga at least twice.

Second, I’m not bothering to comb through the Poets & Writers database. It’s an awesome database, but it’s overwhelming. I’m relying almost solely on Twitter to tell me about contests and places to submit, and between my own account and the one for work, I should be pretty well covered.

So far I’ve submitted one piece, hope to submit another next week, and another next month. Actually there will be two next month, but one is the same story I submitted this month so that doesn’t count.

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