A visit to Muir Woods and Marin

Being on the west coast has given me the chance to connect with friends I might not have if living back east. My college roommate in Seattle, for instance, and this weekend, another old classmate.

We weren’t exactly friends in college, but we hung around the same circles. We reconnected via Facebook (as seems to be the norm nowadays) and decided to get together since we live so close by.

This classmate is someone I wish I had been friends with back in school. He’s very smart, sensitive, and funny (and also gay so don’t get any bright ideas). It’s great that we’re able to get to know each other know.

He was kind enough to suggest a drive out to Muir Woods and Marin. I’ve been to Marin before many years ago on a family trip, but I’ve never been to Muir Woods. It was lovely walking through the trees:

Out at Muir Beach Overlook, the sun over the water was breathtaking:

We also stopped to look at the Golden Gate Bridge:

We chatted as though we’ve known each other for years. There are just some people with whom you have that connection. It was nice to feel that connection, and to have a chance to get in some nature as well.

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