San Mateo Japanese Garden: A little getaway

I’ve been working in San Mateo for a few years now, and I’ve grown to really like it.

Less than 30 minutes away on the CalTrain, it has a surprising amount going for a little town. For instance it has tons of great places to eat, like Curry Up Now for modern Indian street food plus yummy cocktails; Sozai Corner for excellent — and cheap — Japanese curry; Saigon City for really good pho; and much more.

But one of my favorite places has to be the Japanese garden.

Less than a five-minute walk from my office, I head out there when I want to stretch my legs, convene with nature, clear my head, get some peace, or all of the above.

I love seeing the different birds, like a mother duck with her babies —

A snowy egret:

And a kingfisher:

When I was dealing with relationship stuff, I’d come here every day. I’d walk, listen to the water, and watch the birds, trying to figure things out, and then after I realized there was nothing to figure out, to get past it all.

It’s a place I’ll really miss.

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