Eating and shopping and eating

The weather was cooler for a change, and my friend Aki decided to come in for a day of eating, walking around, shopping, and more eating.

En Japanese Brasserie

We started the day with traditional Japanese breakfast for lunch at this pretty place on Hudson Street. I had the shake teishoku:

Pretty right? And tasty too, but afterward I realized I had paid $19 for a glorified bento box that didn’t really fill me up.


For dessert we got Thai rolled ice cream, which neither of us had had before.

Again, it was just okay. The flavor was good — I got the strawberry cheesecake — but I didn’t like the crumbly consistency. However, that didn’t stop me from eating half.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

We met up with a couple of Aki’s friends, one of whom had just moved into her own apartment. So a few home decor stops were on the agenda.

I had never heard of this Danish chain, but of course Aki had. The stuff was super-cute — almost Asian in style — pretty inexpensive and seemed sturdy. I may have to go back there for myself for bowls, plates, and the like.

Fishs Eddy

I hadn’t been to this place in years, and I was glad to see it was still around. The stuff is even cuter now, at least from what I remember, but it also seems more expensive. However, they did have a sale room, where I picked up an adorable dog mug for 50% off.

ABC Carpet & Home

Our last home decor stop was this fancy shop where none of us could afford anything. It was more for fun and to gawp at the ridiculous prices, like a tiny cup that was $90 and a bed that was $30,000 (it was really comfortable though). There was also this couch that was basically a couch-shaped. We all flopped on it, and afterward apparently a store employee plumped the couch back up with an annoyed look on his face.

Satega-Ya Ramen

We capped off the evening with a hearty ramen dinner. Not to be confused with Ramen Setagaya, Satega-Ya Ramen is actually better.

The broth is much richer, and the flavors seem more complex. However you want to describe it, it was damned good.

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