A last-minute Christmas

A little bit at the last minute, I decided to spend Christmas with my brother and his wife. Partly because I wanted to see their new house and partly because the holiday is a bit boring with my parents (it’s not a big deal to them). In fact, they encouraged me to go. In that case, okay!

Of course I had a fun time. Here are some highlights.

The house is really nice. Spacious and light-filled. I loved having my own room and bathroom. I kept thinking, This is way too comfortable. I may never leave.

Here’s Looking at You is good but expensive. We went out with their friends one night at this hip and fancy place. The food was incredible, but it was pretty danged pricey. Then again, it was probably fitting for a special holiday dinner.

Bob Ross’s Art of Chill is hard to understand but fun as hell. They had a couple of friends over for a fittingly chill night. However, at first it took us FOREVER to understand how to play the game. But somehow something finally clicked, and once we started playing, it was tons of fun.

The Keepers was very disturbing. Yet I binge-watched almost the whole thing.

My brother’s turkey dinner was delicious. As were all the sides by him and my awesome sister-in-law.

Now to go on a diet until next Christmas.

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