A wedding, family reunion, and fun at the diner

Last week one of my east coast cousins got married, which meant a partial family reunion. Quite a few people came from California, including my brother and his wife; my aunt and uncle, their son, their daughter with her husband and adorable little boy; another cousin and his whole family. It was nice seeing relatives who I hadn’t seen in some time.

The wedding was lovely (although the outdoor ceremony was meltingly hot) and the food and drinks were yummy. A highlight was making our own s’mores, which we did so by first toasting marshmallows on sticks at the fire pits outside before smashing it in between graham crackers and chocolate. You’d think such a warm activity wouldn’t be popular on a scorching summer night, but the A/C was so strong in the reception hall, the heat was actually a relief.

Another highlight was going to the Americana Diner with my brother and sister-in-law on another night. Somehow it’s become our favorite bar near my mom’s house (although there aren’t too many to chose from). We went a couple of times after my father passed away, and I think I associate it with that comforting feeling of being with two of my favorite people during such a hard time.

The bartender was the same guy too. He said he remembered us, although I don’t know if that’s true. We asked his name, and it turned out to be the same as my brother’s. We got way too excited about this — probably because we were pretty drunk. Regardless the bartender ended up giving us a free Irish coffee. Score!

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