COVID-19 Diaries: Anxiety

I might have mentioned before that in addition to this public blog, I keep a private journal. In there is like every detail ever of most of my days, and looking back over the last few weeks, I noticed a few repeating highlights:

Buying groceries. Not having enough food is stressful, but going out to buy food is also stressful, especially when stores are cleaned out or there are other anxious people around.

Running. Although the weather is still chilly, I’ve been getting out and running again. It makes me feel great physically and mentally (although people don’t know how to move out of the way in the park). Also, I don’t think I mentioned I quit my gym way back in October after they tried to raise my rate to $100 a month. No thanks! So I’m kind of used to running outside a lot although I was slacker this winter.

Drinking. Like everyone I’ve been drinking more. On Sunday I made something called a Brutal Hammer though at less than half of what the recipe called for. Still it got me pretty wasted: I ended drunk-renting a Harry Potter movie and then passing out for 90 minutes. Not good.

Trying to keep busy. I’m continuing to do work for the store and picked up some freelance articles with a previous boss. I’m extremely grateful to have projects to do.

Cleaning. Normally I hate cleaning my apartment, but I’ve been doing it like crazy, especially the kitchen which really needed it (ick).

FaceTiming with friends. Another thing I normally hate. But I’ve been into it lately. It makes a difference to actually see a human face.

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