COVID-19 Diaries: Princeton outing

Yesterday I had the chance to get out of the house, get some exercise, enjoy some nature, and have some social interaction.

Princeton Farmers Market

My friend Aki had the idea of walking around these canals, but first we stopped at this farmers market. It felt a bit eerie with everyone so spread out and wearing masks, but I was glad everyone was being safe. I didn’t get anything except a bag of cinnamon sugar donuts from Terhune Orchards. I was psyched since another time we went, there was such a long line for the donuts, which of course smelled incredible. Plus I knew my mom would enjoy them too.

Canals and downtown Princeton

Next were the canals and surrounding park. On our way we saw a mother deer with two babies. It was like something out of a Disney movie.

The canals were lovely, but it was quite hot and humid out. And there were a lot of people, which meant having to wear a mask, which made it even hotter.

Eventually we made our way to downtown Princeton. I haven’t been to a populated area in more than a month so I was little nervous. But of course it was fine. There weren’t too many people out yet (it was barely 11), and it was cute to see all the outdoor dining set up.

One problem was I had to pee so badly. Like a dumbass, I had my usual two cups of coffee that morning instead of just one. I assumed no public restrooms would be open, but finally I found one at, randomly, an auto repair shop. It was pretty rundown but seemed clean. Of course I washed my hands like crazy.

We made our way back to the canals and grabbed food and beverages from the car. We got ourselves a bench by the water and feasted on cheese and crackers, salami, cucumber, and wine. I was starving and inhaled everything. The wine, a vino verde, went down way too easily, and I got pretty tipsy.

The perfect end to an active morning.

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