COVID-19 Diaries: Van Nest Park

Last night my friend Aki and I got together for an outdoor happy hour.

We met up at in Van Nest Park, which I’ve seen many times from the side of the road but never thought about going. It looked pretty small, but since we would just be eating and drinking, I didn’t care. It turned out to be much nicer than I expected.

That body of water is Grover’s Mill Pond, which I remember being always covered in green sludge. Turns out back in 2008, the pond was cleaned up. And I’ll say! The water looked so pristine, and just prettier and prettier as the sun set.

Besides looking at the water, we enjoyed snacks and drinks and catching up. Only downside were all the mosquitoes. We both forgot repellant and got covered in bites. I counted about 15. Luckily the view was so nice.

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