COVID-19 Diaries: Charles H. Rogers Wildlife Refuge and Institute for Higher Learning

Again thanks to my friend Aki, I was able to get in some nature and exercise last weekend.

Charles H. Rogers Wildlife Refuge

Aki picked this place because she had heard it wouldn’t be too crowded and it was pretty woodsy so we could enjoy the shade. (And this time we remembered to put on bug spray and so weren’t eaten alive.)

So pretty:

A popular destination in the refuge is a suspension bridge. One family asked us about it as soon as we got there, but of course neither of us knew since we had never been there before. Then kind of by chance we found it.

It was unexpectedly scary to walk across since it was so narrow and bouncy, but kind of fun at the same time.

Institute for Advanced Study

This school where Albert Einstein taught is walking distance from the refuge. It was nice but kind of eerie because of course no one was around. Also some of the buildings have an old 1970s look, which make them seem even eerier for some reason.

At one point we were looking for a shady place to sit and have our snacks. We thought about sitting at one of tables outside the cafeteria, but they were a little dirty and covered with dead leaves. It was like something out of The Walking Dead. Instead we ended up on a bench in a field area (where I also peed behind a tree, far away from the bench natch) where we had wine and random snacks.

It really makes a difference to get out of the house, talk to someone, and walk around. It’s these little things that keep me sane.

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