May 10

Commuting, reading, writing

Can you believe I’ve been so busy I didn’t have the chance to post since last Wednesday?  It’s a good feeling.

I’ve quickly gotten used to commuting to my new job.  The bus seems to come at eight on the dot every morning, which gets me in ten or fifteen minutes before my 8:44 train.  Because the train is going away from the city, it’s usually pretty empty.  I can get a seat by myself and write or read peacefully before the very quick 30 minutes passes and I’m at my destination.

I’m definitely glad it’s not every day though.

Yesterday morning I was able to get myself to the gym (with MB’s prodding), which felt great after not working out Thursday or Friday.  I worked on my writing somewhat but not enough.  I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which made me cry.  Just one more in the series!  Today I started The Woman in White

In writing news, I have two new pieces:

    Wrinkles in Time at The Nervous Breakdown about how reading Madeleine L’Engle made me want to be a writer. 

    I’m Not Beautiful, and That’s Okay at The Frisky about how while I was once hot, I’ve accepted that I’m now not, and that maybe beauty isn’t worth fretting over after all.

Today I need to work on my novel like crazy and get a couple of pitches ready.