The Gilmore Girls: Oh, Lorelai

I’m not going to judge. It seems much too complicated for that. I mean, she did wait and wait for Luke, trying to be “good” and not get involved with April, which doesn’t make any sense. As the shrink said in last season’s finale episode, “Only you can make you wait.”

And that feeling that he wouldn’t fight for her must have been devastating. And if she hadn’t gone to Christopher, well then there’d be no drama, would there. There’d be no show.

I can’t get my head around that it’s still summer in Stars Hollow. I know by the magic of television that before we know it, we’ll be on the same time continuum, but for now it irks me.

Also, is it me or does Lorelai look heavier? I don’t mean she looks fat. Before she was model-thin and now she looks more like a normal person. I wonder if the actress is pregnant and they’ll work that into the storyline. D’oh! Christopher’s or Luke’s?

The racquetball scene was pretty hilarious. And more evidence that I’m a complete doork: when Kirk crashed into Luke’s diner, I totally gasped, like it really happened.


  1. I can tell it will be fun to read your comments about the show the night before. I just have to keep up with the watching.
    And, yeah, Lorelai did look bloated – what’s with that?

  2. My damn Tivo missed it! Grrrrr! That never happens!

  3. zerdoll: oh no! hopefully they’ll rerun it again soon.

  4. the tivo problem was the new cwbsbwupn thing; it didn’t know what channel to record! here’s hoping for a rerun!