So that’s why I did so badly in math

You are 68% Asian!

Your Inner Asian is alive and awake! You have a good understanding of the culture and cuisine but you’d still stick out like a Tourist in their country. Try hanging out with Asian people. Just remember that they probably think that acting American is as cool as you think acting Asian is!

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Wow, I totally almost failed at being Asian.

Stolen from st_catherine


  1. The funny part is mine was 79%.

  2. I’m 81% Asian! (But my blurb is the same as yours about sticking out if I were to visit the “motherland”.) Gosh, I’ll have to start belting out at karaoke despite utter tone-deafness. =P

  3. dang… i only got 46%

  4. Pretty fuuny!

    I only got 62%. I’m a little ashamed of myself! Here I was thinking I was hard core…okay, maybe not hard core…but more than 62!

    Maybe it’s the Chinese in me…I hate failing anything!