2006: The Year in Retrospect

It’s that time again. Part of me wishes I still had my 2005 year in retrospect, which I chose, due to circumstances beyond my control, to delete along with almost all of the corresponding posts. But I’m trying to be very Buddhist about it.

I won’t have posts connecting to all events in 2006 (the fleeting thing again), but I’ll try my best to summarize. Luckily, I have my trusty journal to refer to.

I spend New Year’s weekend with ES. We do a dumpling run, going to The Dumpling Man (yum!), Jing Fong in Chinatown, and Mandoo Bar in Koreantown.

We also see The Chronicles of Narnia and The Light in the Piazza (snore-o-rama). New Year’s Eve we have dinner with SB, who gets sick and goes to bed at 8. Fun!

I celebrate Chinese New Year by visiting the Flower Market in Chinatown. I go to Florida for work. My former boss shows her psychotic colors by giving YP an unsubstantiated bad performance review. I sign up again for online dating. I go to Japan and have an amazing time.

I go to a speed dating event, and although I get three matches, none of them interest me, not even the Chinese Canadian doctor. I go on a date with a Satanist. He likes me but I don’t like him. I go on a date with J., a film editor. I like him but he never calls me.

I go to Banff, Alberta with my brother. We go dog sledding, walk across frozen Lake Victoria, and hike in the snowy mountains. I go to the Berkshires with SB. Poor Ellie barfs the whole drive up.

My online dating correspondence flourishes. I go on my first date with DK. Mr. Crazy sends me on a scavenger hunt, planting a DVD of his artwork in a newspaper machine near where I live.

I go on three dates in one weekend. Mr. Crazy is not so crazy after all but a southern gentleman. BB is cute, nice, and funny, and, weirdly, friends with my friend PL. DK is also cute and nice but I like BB more. Unfortunately BB never calls me so DK it is.

I turn 34 (yikes!). I go to the Small Press Center’s Writers Conference, where I meet with an agent who encourages me to submit to columns like Modern Love.

I travel to Atlanta for work. I go to Williamsburg for the first time to see YP’s comedy show. I go to the NYC Tattoo Convention. My co-worker takes a writing class with my former teacher, who raves about me. I get back in touch with him. He suggests I take a newspaper and magazine writing class with one of his colleagues.

DK and I continue date. I become vaguely dissatisfied, feeling that DK is keeping me at a distance. My wicked witch of a former boss hostiley confronts me about why I’m not more ambitious. I speak to her honestly and what I think is in confidence. She repeats my words, incorrectly, to my co-workers. Later that week it’s announced that she’s been canned.

I start my writing class. I have a tattoo consultation at New York Adorned. DK and I become closer. We go hear Joan Didion read at Central Park’s SummerStage, where a sudden and sustained rainstorm forces the reading to end early and us to bolt to DK’s apartment. Our clothes soaked, we stay in, DK cooking us dinner.

Things continue to warm up between DK and me while the city turns as hot as hades. I get my first UTI (don’t ask) and take my first trip to the E/R. Two weeks later I got my second UTI (don’t ask again) and take my second trip to the E/R. The very nice and rather amused doctor advises cranberry pills. I take them. They work.

DK gets a piece published in a New York paper. The following week I get a piece published in the same paper. We go to our first writing event together, after which we have dinner at the Spring Street Cafe, where we’re seated beside Delroy Lindo.

My feelings for DK intensify. I decide against a tattoo. I go to D.C. to visit SG.

I run the Race for the Cure. I find out DK doesn’t feel as strongly about me; we break up. He rejects my olive branch of friendship. I inch towards recovery.

I think going away would be a good idea. I read a book that inspires a life change. I go to Boston to see ES. We have dutch pancakes for dinner, go to the Life Is Good pumpkin festival, and the Head of the Charles.

I start NaNoWriMo. I go watch the NYC Marathon. I’m satsified as a single woman but do battle with hormones. Thanksgiving is an up and down weekend. ES and I have fun but my mother and I have a fight. I complete NaNoWriMo.

Work is busy but I do a fun Savory Sojourns tour with my team. I volunteer at the Small Press Center’s Book Fair. I discover I can conjure a real-life author from an author picture. YP gets a job elsewhere and decides to leave the company.

I go to the 11 Spring Street open house. I have a quiet but nice Christmas.

~ ~ ~

Whew! 2006 goals are next. I just have to find them. Haha, like that commercial where the family tears the house apart looking for their new year resolutions.


  1. whew!

    cranberry pills are a godsend, esp. for those of us that hate the juice…

  2. I miss all those great pictures you had from 2005 and back. Could you have changed those old entries to “draft” rather than delete them? That way you could keep them even if we couldn’t see them.

    Cranberry pills? Never heard of those before… interesting.

  3. That was very eventful.