Evidence of my indulgence

better against a dark background?

So we have, from left to right, top to bottom:

(row 1) kimchee, cucumber, spicy preserved radish
(row 2) fermented soybeans, spicy fish, unidentified vegetable
(row 3) pajeon, soondooboochigae with rice, rice with beans

I barely made a dent in the sides and ate none of the rice with beans. The soondooboochigae alone was a challenge to finish.

Now I have leftovers galore.


  1. I am not sure even I could eat all of that!

  2. I must say I’ve never gotten korean take-out before and didn’t think they’d throw in all the kim chee dishes, too. Wow – what a lot of packaging! Lovin’ the photographic fun you had with your meal and leftovers as witnessed at your flickr.

  3. Holy Cow! Now that’s a feast and a colorful one at that.