On Beauty, by Zadie Smith

Twice a week at six thirty Claire drove into Boston, to Dr Byford’s house in Chapel Hill, and paid him eighty dollars an hour to help her seek out personal insight. Together they tried to comprehend the chaos of pain Claire had unleashed. . . .The Howard episode was only the last and most spectacular in a long line of acts of emotional cruelty she had felt impelled to inflict upon herself.”


I’m loving this book so far but I hate Claire, as I think I’m supposed to. Claire and Howard, who is married, have been friends for years, till one day she decides to throw herself at him and they have an affair.

Of course Howard is at fault too, but that Claire seems to barely think of the “chaos of pain” unleashed not only on Howard’s wife Kiki but on his whole family just makes me despise her.

Poor Kiki.

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