I’m in an unbelievably good mood

1) It’s Friday and the start of a three-day weekend.

2) My writing class went very well last night. Everyone liked my piece, which is always encouraging, but what’s more useful is the constructive feedback, ie, what parts are confusing, what information is missing, what information I don’t need.

But, most importantly at least to me, the teacher, a real writer, liked my work a lot, telling me during the break even before we began workshopping, and then after class as we walked out. Extremely promising. I’m excited to get cracking at the next section.

3) I was talking to ES recently about what I want in a relationship. I told her how I made a list based on my past experiences of what I do and don’t want. For instance, I do want a lot of affection while I don’t want someone with a bad temper.

One sort of trivial thing I want is someone to go to museums with – not just that: someone who wants to go to museums with me. Neither C. nor DK ever did, and I’d mention it all the time: “We should go to the Met sometime,” or the Whitney or whatever. Once DK and I walked past the American Museum of Natural History, and he said, “I haven’t been there in years. I should check it out again,” but didn’t ask me to join him. Hello? I’m standing right here!

The other night H. mentioned a exhibit he wants to see at the MoMA, and then asked me if I wanted to go with him. Not in a casual way, like, “Since I’m going there anyway,” but as though he wanted to go with me. I’d just about died of happiness. It’s quite strange too since ES and I had just been talking about it, probably two days before.

Makes me wonder: have I been treated like dirt all this time?

He has beautiful manners. At coffee the other night, whenever I jumped up to get something – napkins or whatever – he’d stand. At first I had no idea what the heck he was doing. Later I needed something from the drugstore, and it was late and cold and snowy. I assumed we’d go together but he went out on his own and brought back what I needed.

We’re hanging out tonight as well.


  1. That makes me get tingles to read how he is doing exactly as you want just because it’s his way. You’re one lucky girl. =)

  2. Museums, that’s a good one, especially in a place like NYC. Glad to read you’re having such a happy time.

  3. that’s so great to find someone who shares your love of something and not to feel like you have to miss out on something you like to do by being with him.

    keep us updated!! :)

  4. Yes! a boy with manners, and nice. yeay for you :)