Whose fault?

So say your favorite cafe is closed, said favorite cafe where you go five mornings a week, where they know you so well they have your small vanilla coffee ready before you even open your mouth.

Say, in your coffee-deprived haze, you don’t realize the cafe is closed because 1) you’re not usually in this early and are ignorant of the hours, 2) the lights are on, 3) people are moving around inside, and 4) perhaps most importantly, the door is open.

So what do you do? You go up to the counter. And what happens?

“We’re not open yet,” they tell you. “We’re closed.”

You feel confused, though that may be the sleepiness.

“We’re closed,” they tell you again.

More confusion. Lights on, people around, DOOR OPEN. Your confusion quickly turns into irritation. “So should I leave?” you ask.

But to give them credit, they do realize it will take two seconds to give you your coffee and you’re a regular who goes in sometimes three times in one day.

“Thank you,” you say, trying not to be annoyed as they hand you your cup. “Sorry, but the door was open.”

“Oh, it’s always open.”

Well, who’s problem is that? Not yours.


  1. it’s hard to be closed when the door is actually open. duh!

    …at least you got your coffee. :)

  2. You got what you went in for plus ended up with a great story to put on your blog and entertain all of us.