That’s a damned fine show

I’ll watch pretty much anything on TV. For instance, over the weekend I watched two hours of Planet Carnivore on the National Geographic channel, and then I watched two different shows on the origins of dogs. But there are a handful at the end of which I find myself saying, “That’s a damned good show.”

I’m not talking about the reality shows I love like America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, or Top Chef. While those are all quality TV, it’s not editing or the unbelievable things people say that impress me but fine acting, a complex plot that actually makes sense (oh, X-Files, how you disappointed me), and the cojones to show the dark side of humanity.

Yes, the mysterious medical condition always seems to be 1) a rare genetic disorder, 2) a fungus, 3) an ordinary infection gone awry, or 4) all three, and yes, House always has that aha moment when someone says something that seems unrelated, for instance:

Cuddy: “I had beans for dinner.”
House: “Ask me if I care.” Wide eyed stare. Brain thinking: Beans.
Next scene, House bursting in on Foreman, Cameron, and Chase: “The bleedout was from an ulceration in the large intestine from noxious gases from the mold under the house.” They stare. “Cuddy had beans for dinner.”

I get sucked in every time.

Also, while Hugh Laurie gets all the accolades, though well-deserved, the unsung hero is Robert Sean Leonard. Felix to House’s Oscar, Wilson is the ultimate straight man, the voice of morality to House’s demons, who also incidentally can’t keep his dick in his pants.

Canceled after 4 episodes! Is this the curse of Nathan Fillion? First Firefly, now this. The show had such potential with a great ensemble cast. I was especially loving the cute thug with his chai latte, as well as the father/daughter pair. Nice to see that it’s not all about young ‘uns. Then again, maybe it is.

The Office
Dwight, Dwight, and Dwight. Did I mention Dwight?

The Gilmore Girls
Some have argued that since the departure of the husband and wife team of Amy and Daniel Palladino, the show has gone downhill, and while I agree that the first few episodes of this season weren’t up to snuff, last week’s episode made up for all that.

Luke and Lorelai bantering again! A Paris meltdown! Strife back (finally) in Rory’s life. The only thing missing was a withering stare from Emily Gilmore and Kirk getting naked.

Nerd Hiro meets Ninja Hiro. ‘Nuff said.

But I’ll say more. Heroes is a comic book come to life, on the show and in, um, real life. You can tell the complicated plot has already been mapped out, a la Buffy at its best, and that the writers aren’t just winging it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had different colored strings of people and timelines up in their offices.

The only thing missing is a dash of humor and irony, which was what made Buffy the Vampire Slayer one of the best shows on TV. Ever.

Now excuse me while I plan my TV-watching schedule for the rest of the week. Dates, schmates, not while a new House is on.


  1. I said the same thing about the timeline strings while watching last night. Time travel makes for very confusing conversations with friends.

    Last week, I chose not to answer the phone from a potential date because he called during the last five minutes of “Gray’s Anatomy.” I’ve also ended dates knowing I had to get home in time for “Lost.” Talk about priorities. ;)

  2. Heores is awesome. I have to say that I hate House. I really hate it.

  3. pandax: that’s funny that you said the same thing, and yes, the time traveling blew my mind a little, like it did in back to the future.

    i hate it when anyone calls in the last five minutes of a show.

    zydeco fish: why do you hate house? he says some pretty offensive things but that’s part of his charm. ;)

  4. I just started watching House a couple months ago (mostly reruns on USA) and then had a sex dream involving me,Hugh Laurie, and a Mexican restaurant bathroom. Suffice to say I apparently like the show.

  5. I really have to watch Heroes sometime. Virtually every blog I read says that they love the show.

  6. sitcomgirl: omg, after i started watching house, i had a sex dream with hugh laurie too! except mine was on a houseboat.

    r42k: all the episodes are archived on if you are so inclined to watch them.