Some Memorial Day weekend observations

Rather than bore everyone – and myself – with an exhaustive weekend update, here are some Memorial Day observations (which have nothing to do with the holiday):

Waitress was an incredibly sad movie.

An actor who looks nothing like H. can totally remind me of H., just because of his eyes and mannerisms.

After watching Waitress, I will be stupid enough to look for said actor’s MySpace profile and add him as my “friend.”

I am now apparently *not* allergic to seafood, having successfully scarfed down sushi Friday night.

Half a bourbon and water will make me hungover.

I will go into withdrawal if my internet is down for more than 24 hours.

I can think of a use for everything in the Container Store.

Even after properly hydrating, running in the sun will dry me out.

Walking in Central Park is much nicer in the late morning than in the late afternoon.

The winding stairs at the Apple store on 5th Avenue make 3 out of every 10 people trip (me included).

The customer service at the Apple store is very good.

I scarily have no problem plopping down my credit card for a MacBook.

Hooray, I have a MacBook!

Some of the best public restrooms in New York are at Takashimaya.

Wearing a hat really does a good job of protecting one’s face from the sun.

Wearing a hat on wet hair results in the worst hat hair ever.

Sitting in the sun, listening to your iPod, after a 3.5 mile run and a 1.5 mile walk, may induce drowsiness.

If you happen to take a 9 PM train from New York to New Jersey the Sunday before Memorial Day, every Indian person in New Jersey will ride in the same car as you, and they will all get off at one stop.

I apparently have the gall to say, “Is he going to keep doing that?” to the mother of a boy jumping on the seat we’re sharing.

Birds chirping in the morning isn’t nice. Birds chirping in the morning is annoying.

Coffee makes for some good writing time.

If you happen to take a 2 PM express train on Memorial Day from New Jersey to New York, it will be empty (yay!).

But the subways won’t be.

Apparently six foot two tourists’ elbows have no feeling. How else to explain jabbing said elbow into my shoulder three times?

I need a haircut.

Wah, it’s hot.


  1. That was like a mini vacation to New York City for me.

  2. The actor from Waitress should be happy to have you as a friend. I haven’t seen that film, but I’m curious.

  3. “I apparently have the gall to say, “Is he going to keep doing that?” to the mother of a boy jumping on the seat we’re sharing.”
    THAT is awesome! You are my new hero.

  4. r42k: and far cheaper than actually going!

    rjvon: it was a good movie. funny with this underlying sadness.

    sitcomgirl: who knew i could be so obnoxious? ;)