A few Wednesday tidbits

Is it Wednesday? Why, yes it is. For some reason I keep thinking (hoping) it’s Thursday.

Remember DK from last summer? Of course you do. Well, sometimes I Google him to see if he’s published anything else, and yesterday I found that he published another piece in the same newspaper as last year. And his essay isn’t that different from his first one either, more dating woes about how women are scary/crazy and he’s an innocent victim.

I can’t believe I dated that guy for six months. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Scratch that. Yes I do. I didn’t know what I wanted; thought an empty fling would be okay. A six month empty fling. It wasn’t.

I read his piece and I get the willies.

Also makes me feel competitive, in a positive, energizing way. I’m a better writer than he is. I can move beyond these amusing yet vapid pieces about dating and sex. I can be deep, poignant, and honest, and have no problem casting myself in a negative but human light, and I can be funny too.

In my own humble opinion.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to work on after finishing up my memoir. Now I know I want to work on some short pieces culled from my longer piece, and try to get those published. Then in the fall I’ll start work on my second long essay, about China and my cousin and all that crazy shit that happened.

I got my haircut finally! So you all don’t have to hear me whine about it anymore. It’s super short and such a relief to get rid of those rough ends brushing against my neck, especially in this hot weather.

Mario was away for several weeks doing hair on a movie set down south. Something about Louis Armstrong and starring Cuba Gooding Jr.’s brother. Not Cuba Gooding Jr., his brother. Not exactly star-studded.

Got home in time to watch the Gilmore Girls rerun, and then a new House. My favorite line from the episode:

Marina (having been brought back from the dead): “Is this heaven?”
House: “No, it’s New Jersey.”

Heaven, Jersey, Jersey, heaven. You say tomato.

Also, who knew Hugh Laurie is actually British? I had no idea. I’d love to hear that accent.

I couldn’t sleep till one last night. I need to get myself a new job.


  1. Surprised you haven’t seen this:

    Hugh’s Golden Globe Acceptance Speech

    One of the best acceptance speeches I’ve heard in awhile. None of that blubbering, masturbatory crap you usually see.

  2. If you love Hugh Laurie, go to YouTube and looks for his old stuff, like “Fry and Laurie.” I especially love some of the piano tunes he put together.

  3. greg: haha, hugh laurie rocks! but i kept thinking it was house doing an english accent.

    pandax: i’ll have to check it out.

  4. A bit more of hugh trivia. Watch the video for annie lennox’s walking on broken glass. The man? Hugh.
    Dammit, there was something else I was going to comment on and I forgot.
    They really should show the post on the comments page.

  5. Oh yes, the DK thing. It’s good that he makes you feel competetive. Not good if you are in a relationship with the person I suppose, but good now that you aren’t. You can use him as motivation :) And then you can get a book deal and we can all say “ah we knew her when….”

  6. i was about to post the speech for you but greg beat me to it. i thought it was charming. you should really youtube him to see some of his older comedy stuff. oh, wait. pandax beat me to that suggestion too.

  7. sitcomgirl: wow, that’s some trivial trivia! ;)

    as for DK, you’re totally right that feeling competitive is good only now that the thing with him is over. that’s why i don’t think i could ever date another writer, unless he was already very established in his field.

    jay bee: “charming” sums hugh up.