Southern hospitality north of 59th Street

I don’t think of where I live in Manhattan as being very hip. It’s home to yuppies, young couples with giant strollers, or old, blue blood, longtime Upper East Siders.

But for some reason Justin Timberlake has chosen my area to open his new restaurant, Southern Hospitality.

Last night I happened to walk past it, though I don’t usually walk around there. My grocery store is one avenue north of me, but all I needed was a box of couscous so I headed to the Korean deli on the avenue south of me. The last time I went there was about six months ago.

As I walked two girls were practically up my ass trying to get to the restaraunt. Of course at the time I had no idea what was going on, only that something was. “We just missed it!” they cried.

I didn’t see a thing except a guy all in black with an earpiece standing importantly outside, and a lone paparazzo. From the outside, the restaurant seemed unfinished, or at least closed, so I didn’t think anything could be going on. Guess I was wrong.

So now my area has a claim to fame aside from the #1 International Farmer’s Market – where I got my couscous last night – which was featured in Time Out New York a few weeks ago.


  1. Your ‘hood is bringing sexy back.

  2. Did they up the price of the couscous since the market is so famous now?

  3. sitcomgirl: i’m not sure my ‘hood ever had sexy in the first place.

    running42k: i’m not sure but i wouldn’t be surprised if they did.