Had meetings all morning, from 9 to 12:30, and now I have one from 2 to 3:30. Of course I have work to do but I can’t seem to muster the energy right now.

Very social this week for a change. Monday night YP had a stand-up show. The audience was the most high-energy that I’ve ever seen. Also, there was one insane woman who cracked up over everything, even just the anticipation of a joke.

Last night I hung out with SG and her fiance who are in town for a few days. Had a great dinner with some of their other friends at this tapas place. Laughed a whole lot.

Tonight I have nothing – yay! – except the gym since I couldn’t get up early enough this morning. Tomorrow’s the MLS open house at this school nearby.

Funny: my last meeting ran over. People were still talking, but it had nothing to do with me so I just left. As I made my way to the elevator, I ran into the woman from the library/information center, with whom I’m meeting on Friday on career possibilities in library science. I basically never run into her, and only recognize her because she made a presentation to our team a couple of years ago. I introduced myself and we chatted a little on the elevator.

I thought it was kind of weird. Like, if I hadn’t left that meeting at that time, I would have missed her completely.

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