Got an interview

And for a job I don’t even remember applying for.

I’ve applied for about a dozen jobs here at my company. The internal system makes it very easy. This is just the second time I’ve actually gotten an interview.

The position is managing editor in operations. When our marketing teams produce materials, the materials need to go through a review process, which includes copyediting. Till now there hasn’t been anyone to specifically oversee the copyeditors or the process. The copyeditors just do their own thing which results in a lot of inconsistencies. The person in charge now owns a lot of other projects, and is basically spread too thin.

I got all of this from a pal in operations whom I’ve known since I started here, and whom I’ve worked closely with for the past few years. She, for one, was very excited to hear that I was interviewing for that position, and said she’d put in a good word for me.

In theory the job sounds like a great fit. It involves editing, writing, marketing, and operations. They also want someone “polished” and accustomed to being outward facing, not that copyeditors aren’t – well, the copyeditors I’ve known tend to be a little weird and very much in their own worlds, ie, well-suited for their jobs. In marketing and sales, you get used to putting on that business face and being on, whether it’s during one-on-one conversations, in meetings, or presenting.

Plus this might be good experience for me if I decide to get back into book or magazine editing, which I’ve been toying with. I look at the jobs on all the time, but I just don’t have enough experience. Or I’d have to start at the bottom, which I don’t want.

Still gonna do the library science thing of course. I think all of those fields compelement each other.

The interviews are in the process of being scheduled. Hope they happen this week since I’m out for most of next week for work.


  1. I’m curious about these copyeditting career people. I wonder if my enthusiasm for words and writing and my attention to detail on the things I get obsessed with would be well suited for that kind of job! =D

    Otherwise, from what you write, the position you are interviewing for sounds like a great match for you and I hope you can schedule an interview and get it should the position really be a good fit!

  2. um, good luck? you don’t really sound like you want this position… funny thing, i thought i wanted a position that sounds just like the one you might have/maybe not/don’t want/perhaps kinda applied for. but recently i have realized, through freelancing as a copyeditor, that i actually hate copyediting. i really thought i was a born grammar-bitch. ya know what? *chhhaaaa* not so much.

    BUT… (and enough of me)

    if you really are interested, then this sounds like the kind of change you’ve been hoping to have come about… this might be good for you! : )

  3. wyn: a love for words and details might be good for a copyeditor!

    dalia: actually i very much want the position.

  4. hey always a good surprise to get called for an interview :)
    Sounds like a good match, good luck!