Great weekend with ES

And it’s not over! I’m here at the office just this morning, and will meet up with ES at 1 for lunch and to hang out till she leaves at 5.

She came in Saturday afternoon, which we spent mostly just chilling, chatting, and eating, standard operating procedures. That evening we went to see YP’s naked comedy show. It was pretty funny this time. YP was funny as well as the other comedian, though the improv group was dumb.

The host was somewhat funny, but he did too much audience harrassment, including yours truly since I was sitting in the very first row, and as a result of much embarrassment and uncomfortable-ness managed to totally insult the guy.

Him: On a scale of 1 to 10, how turned on are you?
NOTE: He asked how “turned on” I was, not how attractive he was, so I said: Negative five.
Him: Five?
Me: NEGATIVE five.
Audience: Groan! Low blow! blah blah blah

Yeah, fuck you all.

Then he couldn’t let it go! He made some comment like c’mon he looked like John Lennon, I could be his Yoko Ono (cuz THAT’S not offensive), and mixed race babies were cute. I just kept thinking, Please stop, please stop, please stop. I mean, I hope I’m the kind of person who can laugh at herself, but I thought he just went on too long with it.

Aside from that it was fun. A bunch of us went out for eats and drinks afterwards, and had a blast talking about outrageous things and cracking up.

The next day ES and I were up bright and early to meet her other friends to go marathon-hopping. They knew a couple of people who were running so we were basically trailing them.
It was exhausting! Next year I’ll just run the marathon and be less tired. We went all the way out to Brooklyn, saw their friends, then hopped back on the train for another part of Brooklyn, which was a challenge cuz none of us are familiar with that borough.

ES was asking a cop how to get somewhere, and this random lady with really bad blue eyeliner was like, “Where are you from?”

ES: Jersey.
Random blue eyeliner lady: Jersey! And you don’t know Brooklyn?

Um, I’ve lived in New York for nine years and I don’t know frigging Brooklyn. Later ES told me the lady was drunk. I THOUGHT I smelled cheap malt liquor. Note it was about 11 in the morning.

After our second stop in Brooklyn, we headed up to the Bronx, and hung out there for about an hour. My mom called while we were there:

Me: I’m with ES watching the marathon.
Mom: You’re watching the marathon, or are you. . .?
Me: Yes, Mom, I’m running the marathon at this very moment. I’ve been training all this time, didn’t you know?

At least she laughed about it.

Our last stop was Central Park South. After a while, ES’s friend took off for home while we tried to get to the finish line. Impossible (in a French accent)! So we ended up walking through this random car tunnel to get to the east side. Felt like we were in some zombie movie, hoofing through a place we weren’t supposed to be, creepy long shadows everywhere, marathon-finishers hobbling stiffly alongside us.

We dropped by SB’s and hung out and played with Ellie for a bit. Well, longer than a bit. ES was nice enough to help SB and Ellie with a bath. Meanwhile I sat in the next room and texted and chatted with MB, who was struggling with replacing his toilet seat. When he finally got it on, he was so happy he sent over a picture of the successfully replaced seat. So cute.

You know I have it bad when I think a new toilet seat is cute.

By the time we left, ES and I were both pooped so we just picked up burgers and chilled at my place with good episodes of Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters.

I have one meeting today at 12 – for 30 minutes! That’s the main reason I came in. I should have just had it rescheduled and taken the whole day. So disorganized lately.


  1. and of course you would answer your phone while you ran the marathon, that’s totally normal too. :)

  2. wow, i’d be so mortified if i were you … i love comedy shows. i hate being put on the spot.

  3. zerodoll: i know, right? though i *did* see a suprisingly # of runners on their cell phones.

    mini: i was totally mortified! next time – if there is one, though the chance is miniscule – i’m sitting in the back.

  4. I watched the marathon on tv. I am just floored that those lead men can average sub five minute miles for 26 miles. Awe inspiring running. The women’s race was great too with Paula pulling it out.