Officially a student once again

So I got into one of the schools I applied to – my preferred choice, yay!

That was a pretty quick turnaround. I sent my stuff in on November 1, and got the letter late last week. Also got a teeny merit scholarship that will cover like one class. But my company offers tuition reimbursement too.

Now it all feels real and I’m excited. Classes start on January 14; orientation is on January 10.

I also feel like I need to work like crazy on my book between now and then because once school starts, I imagine I’ll have a lot less time.

As for the other school, they couldn’t accept my application as it was because, get this, one my recommendations wasn’t on letterhead. Whatevs. I had my coworker reprint it and sent it again, but now I don’t even care that much.

My weekend was good. Friday night YP and I had dinner and then went to this bar where we played pool (I SUCK) and this arcade hunting game, which I found to be a disturbingly good time. Kill, kill, KILL! YP was really good at shooting down birds.

Saturday MB and I did some shopping. It’s already massively crowded everywhere. The whole thing was pretty exhausting. That night we saw Beowulf in 3D. I had no idea that it was all CGI. At first I was disappointed, but it turned out to be actually pretty good. The 3D stuff was fun, but not necessary.

Last night we saw Southland Tales, which sucked big time. There were about a million characters, three or four plotlines, and the movie couldn’t decide what it was. David Lynch rip off? Satire of action movies? Straight-out action movie? Really disappointing.

My boss is out the whole week. Whoopee! Now let’s see if I can get motivated to do actual work.


  1. Awesome, congratulations!! I think it’s also cool that you can take advantage of getting your company to pay some tuition. I envy people who’ve been able to have someone else pay for their educations.

  2. CONGRATS!!!!
    Although, this really better not become an excuse for less frequent blogging :)

  3. Congrats on the school acceptance.

    Sounds like a decent weekend. Just don’t become a duck hunter now ok.

  4. Yay!! I hope it’s not the one in with the crazy commute.

  5. thanks everyone for your kind words!

    pandax: i’m definitely going to squeeze my company for all i can. :)

    sitcomgirl: you will probably see more blogging. school = more opportunity for procrastination.

    r42k: no real ducks, i promise.

    plue: yes, it’s the one with the 10-20 minute commute.

  6. Congrats!

    That is some crazy turn around time… January? WOW! SO soon!