More holiday shenanigans

Last night was MB’s company holiday party, to which outside guests were not allowed, but later was a different party for MB’s industry.

No ice breakers here, just many drunk white people attempting to dance. His world is different than the ones I’ve been occupying for the past several years. My work world is very conservative, and the majority of bars and clubs that I’ve gone to recently have been gay.

So to go to a straight bar or club or party throws me. Why are these guys looking at me? I keep wondering. Why are they hitting on me? Why is everyone dressed badly? Why can’t they dance? We didn’t stay long.

Yesterday we had a bit of a snowstorm. It basically all melted anyway, except for apparently on rooftops.

This morning as I walked to work from the train station, pieces of ice and snow started falling all at once for almost entire block. Some were quite large, like the one that smashed against the roof of a car. I had to literally take shelter under an awning, along with dozens of others, waiting for the sky to stop falling.

The MB and I will attempt to see I Am Legend tonight. Hopefully we can get tickets.


  1. Very funny entry although I am confused as to why you have been going to so many gay clubs lately?

  2. ooo, did you end up seeing i am legend? i went last night. and shame that all your snow melted away … ours is still around (and dirty)

  3. r42k: it’s because of my pal, YP.

    mini: yes, we saw i am legend. we really liked it though a fight broke out at the theatre. how ghetto.