Wasting time

I should be working on my paper for school, but instead I’m vegging in front of the TV. MB had to go to the office today, otherwise I’d probably be working. He has no TV so I always end up being more productive at his place. As for my Knowledge Organization midterm, it was okay. I guess I knew what I was talking about.

Yesterday my boss came back from being out all week. Apparently he had the flu. So we had a team meeting, the first one since the big changes, but instead of acknowledging the changes, he wanted to go over our projects just like it was any other team meeting.

Um, can we say delusional?

One of my co-workers was like, “Wait a minute, what’s going on with our team?” which began a discussion of what the heck does our team do anyway? What’s our function? What’s expected of us?

Our boss’ answer? “That’s up to us to figure out and present to the Big Boss.”

Cuz that worked so well the first time.

It’s such bullshit. We can make something up and insert ourselves where we think there’s a need, but if the Big Boss doesn’t agree or care, then what’s the use. And that “something,” if we leave it up to our boss again, will be as unfocused as it was the first time around.

He did finally acknowlege the possibility that our team could be dissolved. He said, “If we determine that we don’t have a role, we’ll have to make that recommendation.” As a result, we’d either get placed elsewhere in the company or let go. And let go with a sweet package.

We are all hoping for that package.

But I don’t think that’s going to happen, at least not for me. I actually still have work to do, more so now, while the others have lost about 60% of their jobs.

The Big Boss is also not a good leader. I think that if he doesn’t hear bad things, he thinks everything is okay, which feeds into my boss’ thing where if he doesn’t hear “no,” he interprets that as an enthusiastic yes when really it’s apathy.

Ah, the vicious cycle of passive aggressive management.

So sleepy today. The caffeine didn’t do its job. Doesn’t help it’s all rainy out.

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