Closer to outtie?

I just had my second round interview for that communications manager position, and I think it went well and that I’m closer to actually getting it. The woman said that the guy I first interviewed with had lots of good things to say about me, and that my meeting with her, his boss, was just to ensure that our personalities gibed, which I think they did. Tomorrow I have an interview with HR, which is cursory.

MB and I didn’t see Horton Hears a Who! this weekend, but we did see a midnight showing of A Boy and His Dog. Have any of you heard of this movie? It’s a cult science fiction movie from the ’70s but I had never heard of it. Basically a very young Don Johnson (yes, that Don Johnson) and his telepathic dog (yes, telepahtic. dog.) scavenge a post-apocalytic world for food and sex. It was weird, disturbing, and entertaining all at once.

One of the previews for Alien, which I’m totally seeing if they show it at that theatre. Next weekend is the Muppet Movie.

Yesterday I did my paper and presentation for my library site visit. It took a long time! Tonight is the presentation. You know how I feel about that, though of course I’m not nearly as nervous as for work. It’s mostly talking off the top of my head in an organized way. The only thing I’m worried about is that we have just 5 minutes, and earlier when I rehearsed I was at 8 minutes, and not even for all my slides. Guess I’ll see what happens.

The person who had signed for my apartment for May 1 backed out so now the search begins again. Dammit! I don’t care that much, but the brokers are pretty annoying.

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  1. Good job on the interview