More furniture fun

I’m slowly but surely selling pieces of my furniture.

Needless to say, the flaky girl who couldn’t keep straight what time she wanted to come by backed out. “Oh gee, I measured my apartment and I don’t think they’ll fit.” Maybe that’s something you should have thought about before being so annoying about me holding those two tea tables. Lame ass bitch.

I hate to say this, but so far it’s been the guys who have been very straightforward – “Want. Buy.” – and the women who are flaky and can’t make up their minds. The three people who have actually bought stuff (namely the leaning desk, both bookcases, and my bedframe, which I never thought I’d get rid of) have all been guys. The women?

Case #1
Saturday morning “Sabrina” stopped by bright and early and said she wanted the bookcases. But first she’d have to see if her husband would move them, and she’d let me know about Sunday. Not a word.

Case #2
“Iris” emails me about the Sleep Number bed, saying that recently her husband has died and that she needs a new bed and a “good night’s sleep.” Oh my, TMI. :(

In any case, I send poor Iris a picture of the bed. Her reply?

“Is that a real Sleep Number bed? It doesn’t look like a real Sleep Number bed.”

Why, because Lindsay Wagner isn’t lounging on it saying, “I’m a 34”? I didn’t even bother answering her.

Case #3
“Nikki,” the annoying tea table girl.

MB was back in time to help me with the bed this afternoon. Luckily he was around to help take it apart because I don’t think either the guy or I would have figured it out. Or it’d have taken 2 hours instead of 20 minutes.

Aside from all the furniture madness, I also saw Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day with YP. It was really good. I enjoyed it immensely.

I’m mostly caught up with school so I think I’ll work on my writing tonight.


  1. craigslist people are always flaky. But I’ve had good luck selling my stuff. The key is pricing it cheaper, even if it’s just a littl. That way you’ll definitely get a buyer who will come quick.

  2. i totally agree. i’m selling my stuff for less than half of what i originally paid. my goal is just to get rid of my junk.