My final is over, yay!

It took me the entire class time, which I wasn’t expecting since I had finished the midterm early, but suddenly it was the last 10 minutes, and I looked up surprised to see that 2/3’s of the room was empty.

I was able to answer some questions very fully, like the significance of FRBR, and the advantages and disadvantages of Dewey Decimal vs Library of Congress classification. These were two areas I felt shaky in, and so studied like crazy.

I feel like the teacher didn’t do a good job teaching these concepts. When comparing the two classification systems, for instance, she was very vague. I didn’t even know for instance that mostly academic and government libraries use LC while public and school libraries use Dewey, till I did my own research online. I didn’t know that LC subclasses are completely inconsistent since they’re developed by experts in each class, rather than across classes.

Of course there were a few questions I felt like I was bullshitting, or didn’t have much to say about it. Oh well. At least it’s over. My summer session starts right away on Monday. Web design.

My cold seems to have completely evaporated. Very strange. A few days of a sore throat, one day of a runny nose, and gone. Not bad. MB had it much worse.

Yesterday I was finally able to get my passport photos. First I went to CVS but they were a hot mess. The girl couldn’t even tell me how long it would take.

Me: “Will it be a few minutes? Shoud I wait?”
Her: “Ummm, uhhh. No, I wouldn’t wait.”
Me: “Okay, I can come back. When? In an hour?”
Her: “Ummm, uhhh.”
Me: “At the end of the day? Five? Six?”
Her: “Ummm, uhhh. Can you come later?”
Me: “I’ll just come back tomorrow.”

I felt like I was at an auction. Do I hear five minutes? How about 10? An hour? Sheesh.

So I returned the next day, which was yesterday. Chaos! At least three other customers appeared to be unhappy/irate. My turn came and asked for my photos. The same girl looked through a couple of different envelopes. Nothing.

“Who took your picture?” she asked.

“Uh, I think you did,” I said.

Then she disappeared in the back, and was fiddling with a camera. Fiddle, filddle. I saw her take the battery out and put it back in.

“So are they ready?” I asked.

“Umm, uhhh.”

I had a feeling she hadn’t even downloaded them from the camera. Luckily I hadn’t paid a penny. “Forget it,” I said. “I’ll get them somewhere else.”

And get them somewhere else I did, from this little hole in the wall down the street. Took five minutes. Now all I have to do is send my stuff in and I’ll have a valid passport. Yay!

This afternoon my coworkers are taking me and my other colleague who’s leaving out for drinks. That’s very nice of them, but I wish I could use the time to work out instead. Then again, I could have gotten myself up early and gone to the gym then. Oh well. At least I got three workouts in this week.

Our dresser arrives today! Now I can organize my clothes better and free up some closet space.

Glad it’s the weekend and with no homework to do. :)

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  1. i went thru the same kind of hassle when getting my passport photos done. you’d think that now everything is digital, the process would be much simpler. um, noooooo…

    congrats on finishing your final! i have been thinking about taking a class, too, but i realized something: i hate school. lol