It’s soooo hot

Summer is here. :(

I ended up seeing Sex and the City, though I had no plans to. YP was going with his friend and invited me along. Neither of us are huge fans of the show. We’ve both seen a few episodes here and there.

The whole phenomenom is crazy, especially here in New York. The theater we went to was in Chelsea so it was packed with the gays and their hags, as well as the stereotypical threesomes and foursomes of “girlfriends.” (Have girls always been going around in super short dresses and sky high heels, or is it more now because of the movie?) Three or four girls together is pretty annoying – too busy chattering to realize they’re blocking the aisle, saying, “Hi!” to the ticket guy before I’m even done buying my ticket – but three or four girls together at Sex and the City are SUPER annoying.

MB and I ran into the same type of crowds when we went to see Kung Fu Panda (a different demographic, to say the least, and a really funny movie with excellent action scenes). Hordes and hordes of women in short dresses and heels, all chattering and tossing their hair.

I’m a woman and it scared me.

The movie was entertaining. Some parts were quite funny, and all the actresses were very good. But it was also ridiculous, and not just because of the outfits.


1) The whole getting married thing. The movie made it seem like it was all about getting married. Big and Carrie acknowledged that they were “perfectly happy before deciding to live happily ever after,” and yet they still got married.

2) The whole forgiving adultery thing. I can understand it. Sometimes it is just a mistake. But that the “girls” were so adamant that Miranda was making THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF HER LIFE by leaving Steve for having cheated. Yet, Big leaving Carrie at the aisle was worse?

I thought I had more. Guess it was just those two.

The only relationship-related thing I liked was that Samantha left her boyfriend, saying, “I love you but I love me more.” Although I do think not every relationship calls for you to give yourself up, I like that she acknowledged that some do, and you should have a choice.

Overheard on the street: “I can’t believe Samantha left her boyfriend! He was SO CUTE!!!”


I think what’s more interesting than the actual Sex and the City movie is the phenom itself, everyone’s reactions to it, whether they hate it or love it. Like I said, I’m not a huge fan, but here I am writing a post about it.

Most fun was YP and I making snide comments about every outfit: “What the hell is she wearing? Is that a bird in her hair? That’s the third time we’ve seen that belt.”

~ ~ ~

In other news, I got my hair cut yesterday and it’s SOOO short. Like Mia Farrow short, only I ain’t no Mia Farrow. Overall I like it, but in a few weeks I’ll like it more, and after I get some product to smooth it down and keep it from looking like 80s pseudo punk.

MB is in Europe currently doing another conference (this time all expenses paid in advance, yay!). I have homework to do today, but I’d much rather go shopping for some cute outfits. Since this haircut, I feel like I need some more skirts and sytlish clothes. Also for some reason I want to get my eyebrows done. Maybe cuz my face feels more open.

Now that it’s summer, I really miss the Park. It was so easy just to meander over and go for a run. Now it’s more of a trek than a meander, but still doable. I just need to make the effort.

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  1. I don’t want to see that film, and now I don’t have to :-) Thanks for the spoilers. I do wonder why gay men like the film. A gay friend of mine was so impatient for the film to be released, I thought he would die of anticipation.