Bats and birds

MB and I finally saw the Dark Knight last night. Well, not really “finally.” It’s been out less than a week, and yet there’s been so much hype about it, I feel like it’s been showing forever.

I won’t say anything about it except that we both liked it very much. I expected the audience to be kinda stupid, like they were at the Hulk, but they were quite respectful. In fact everyone was hushed with anticipation as the beginning credits rolled, and then were pretty quiet for the rest of the movie, laughing/clapping/cheering at the appropriate moments. I give the audience a thumbs up.

It was definitely a weird mix of people. We were waiting in line behind what seemed like a group of Euro-trashy kids. You know what I mean: expensively yet gaudily dressed, accents, speaking a different language. In this group was a lone black guy, who might have been European as well. When he came by, they greeted him warmly, but then soon began to ignore him. They literally enclosed themselves in a circle, speaking their language, and he sat on the edge, not understanding what was going on. I felt bad for the guy.

Then all of a sudden, this gaggle of models came strolling by. Have you ever seen a model in person? They are mostly weird looking. The guys were kinda normal, though way too trendy, but the girls were super tall and super skinny, and dressed crazy with five inch heels – so that they seemed like GIANTS – and weird inexplicable clothing. One girl had dramatic goth makeup on, while another wore her mirrored sunglasses almost the whole time (note we were inside AND it was night), only taking them off to watch the movie.

At the same time, I was fascinated by them and couldn’t stop staring. They were like a flock of tall skinny birds in low-rider jeans and stilettos.

Oh, and remember Lisa from last year’s America’s Next Top Model? She was there too. GORGEOUS in person. Tall of course, but at the same time smaller- and younger-looking in real life. She seemed kind of over the other models, and maybe was there with one of the guys.

In other news I am all out of Allegra. Took my last one on Saturday. Sunday I was okay, but last night I started breaking out in hives again. :( When we got home at 1 AM, I took a Benadryl, and still feel groggy right now at 2:30.

Today I got in touch with my doctor, thinking I’d have to make another appointment to get a prescription, but they were able to phone it in. Yay! Just a couple of months’ worth, then I’ll have to go in for an actual appointment.

I may not need the Allegra every day. Maybe ever other day. Hopefully I can spread it out.

It’s funny: I had accepted the hives as a fact of life, but after not having them for a few weeks, getting them again really sucked.

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  1. I went to see Dark Knight last night, too! Not nearly as interesting crowd where I was… it was just mostly Asian and the usual variety therein. It was a VERY good movie indeed.