A quickie before the gym

I had a second blog entry all ready to go last week, but for some reason I just couldn’t get it together to post it.

Last week I was really sick of school. Tuesday I skipped class. The night before I had taken a Benadryl – having run out of Allegra over the weekend – and was completely groggy the whole next day. I felt somewhat guilty ditching, but still had a lovely evening hanging with MB. Then the next morning it turned out the teacher had canceled class at the last minute. Woohoo, me!

I did make it to class on Thursday. The teacher felt she had to make up for class on Tuesday so we had just a five minute break, as opposed to 20, and we ended at 9, as opposed to 8:30. The class seemed soooo long. Usually we have our break at 7:30, giving us the opportunity to run out and get a snack. But she didn’t let us go till 8, and I was STARVING. I couldn’t even concentrate.

I talked to one of my other classmates, and she said she also feels saturated with this class. We agree we like the teacher, but it’s just a lot of information, and quite a bit of it is redundant.

During the week I was able to get m Allegra. Yay!

The weekend was pretty quiet. I have my final paper and presentation due this Thursday so I worked on that a lot, while MB started working on his book again. We did see one movie,
Transsiberian, which was HORRIBLE. It’s the first bad movie I’ve seen in a long time. Right off I hated most of the characters, and the plot was just ridiculous, and I didn’t understand the main character’s motivation. Anyway, I don’t recommend it, not even as a rental.

Saturday morning YP and I had our monthly photo excursion. This time the theme was the “Seedy Side of Central Park,” one of my stupid ideas. Walking around, we realized that the seediness had been cleaned up long ago, and ended up taking “gross” pictures of nature instead.

Sunday was lots of working, and I’m so glad because I’m almost done with my paper and presentation! And a few days ahead of schedule! I knew that I wouldn’t be able to write the paper during the week; after work I’m just pooped.

Now off to the gym.

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