Couple of things

One, which I forgot from yesterday’s post.

I had another celebrity sighting over the weekend. Friday afternoon, since it was so beautiful out, MB and I decided to go up to Central Park. First we stopped in the Borders in the Time Warner Center, and who do I see but Lourdes and Rocco, Madonna’s kids. They were fooling around with the junk on the discount shelf.

MB thought it was weird that I even recognized them. Well, pictures of Lourdes in New York have been online regularly lately so that was why I recognized her. I wouldn’t have recognized Rocco if he were by himself.

Lourdes was teasing him: “You think she’s pretty?” she said, referring to some picture. “She looks like Jennifer Aniston!” as though the two were mutually exclusive. She noticed me overhear her and caught my eye, and sort of laughed, either embarrassed or in conspiracy against her annoyed and embarrassed brother. It was then that I recognized her.

They both looked like normal kids. The only thing about Lourdes was that she has beautiful hair.

The second thing is 1st Street is overrun with rats.

Last night we took a walk and on the way back cut down 1st Street, which we don’t usually do. First thing was this awful smell, kind of like horse manure but much worse. Then suddenly MB covered my eyes. “Don’t look, don’t look,” he said

“What? What?” I struggled as he walked me down the sidewalk, eyes still covered, a very weird feeling by the way.

“That yard is full of rats,” he said. He knows I get very freaked out by rats anywhere near me. Who wouldn’t, right? Still, I didn’t know which was worse, not being able to see as we walked or seeing the rats.

When we passed the yard, he released me, just in time for me to see a rat run across the sidewalk in front of us. I freaked out a little but not that much, mostly because I was expecting it. I mean, we were both freaked out over all, especially when we passed another fenced in grassy area and heard the rats leaping around and squeaking. Squeaking! That’s the first time I’ve actually heard them make noise.

As we hurried down the rest of 1st Street, we saw a cat trotting down the street. “Go get the rats, kitty!” we kept calling to it. But it slunk under a car like, “Are you kidding me? Some of those rats are bigger than me.”

Note to selves: do not eat on 1st Street.

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  1. I always forget that Rocco exists. All you hear about are Lourdes and David.
    Rats from far away are ok, like at the Park Street or Harvard T stops. Rats within running over your feet distance = creeeeeeeeepy. Stay away from 1st.