Mosquitoes and poseurs

The mosquitoes strike again.

We have no idea how they get in. We haven’t opened a window in weeks, and keep the bedroom icy with A/C. Also, the cracks and such are all sealed since our debacle with the brown recluse spider. And yet, a couple of times a week, we discover a mosquito in our apartment.

My bites lately haven’t been so bad (knock wood). Last night or the night before, I got one on my right forearm and right ankle, both of which were presumably outside the blanket. A couple of weeks ago I got one on my right index finger. That one woke me in the middle of the night, my whole hand itching like crazy. At first I couldn’t see where the bite so I was a little scared, not knowing what was wrong, especially since my finger was all red and hot and swollen. But I took an Allegra, and a few hours later, the swelling went down.

The next morning I was relieved to find the tiny bite at the tip of my finger.

Nights that I remember to put on repellant, I’m okay. Even the herbal stuff seems to work. Of course OFF! is better, but I’m nervous to use something with DEET regularly. I’ll save that for romps in the Park.

Okay, I just found another bite under my collarbone. Can’t forget to spray tonight.

I read somewhere that you’re more likely to attract mosquitoes after you’ve exercised. Build up of lactic acid or some such. I plan on working out soon. Maybe it’ll be the OFF! tonight.

MB is off to another conference, boohoo! This time in Las Vegas. He assures me though that after this he won’t be doing another conference for a while. Next week we’re off the Nashville. Hopefully we can do a day trip to Memphis, just in time for the 31st anniversary of Elvis’ death on August 16. I’m sure it will be completely insane, but that’s part of the fun.

Last night we went to this random party. It was an open house for this office space that programmers and “entrepreneuers” can rent by the month to do their work. It’s a cool idea, but some of the people we met were obnoxious. Like as soon as they found out I had nothing to do with computers, they didn’t bother talking to me, not even to say, “Nice to have met you” when we moved on. One pissant tried to tell MB about the programming world while MB has been in the biz for well over a decade.

We met one nice person who happened to have just graduated from my library science program. Plus her boyfriend is at the conference MB is on his way to now. Crazy!

This weekend I was going to go to the ‘rents’ in New Jersey, but thank goodness some plans with YP came up for Saturday. Not that going to my parents’ house is so bad, but they might get in their pity mode about me, like I can’t handle one weekend away from MB. I’m also going to try and clean the apartment, do some writing, and run some errands. Hopefully it’ll be a productive weekend.

I can’t believe I don’t have class tonight. I’m looking forward to my run and turning in early tonight. Woohoo, partay!

On a completely random and unrelated closing note, this story is amazing.

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  1. Weird, many people I know have been experiencing random mosquitos where they normally shouldn’t be found. Those pests are really freaky when you hear them buzzing around in the early mornin hours. Hope you don’t get any more!